About Us

ARB Realty Property Management has been serving the city of Atlanta and its surrounding areas since 2002. The company has over time expanded its operations to include specialized and comprehensive property management services in addition to offering full-service leasing, lease only service, and other management benefits. ARB Rental guides its customers through a streamlined end-to-end process with expert advice amassed with extensive experience. ARB’s local and rigorously trained staff is well-educated on the greater Atlanta real estate market to help customers in making right decisions. ARB Rental maintains a trusted relationship with its customers and has a proven record of good business practices and adherence to the code of ethics.

At ARB Realty Property Management, we treat your home as our own and tailor our services to match your needs to ensure that you are served with excellence.



Jawaid Naeem

Jawaid Naeem
President & CEO


Jawaid Naeem established ARB Group with the principal goal to deliver positive results and grow mutually beneficial relationships. With an Engineering background, expertise in managing large projects in the corporate world, Jawaid ventured into the entrepreneurial landscape in 2003.

Jawaid ventured into Investment in Real Estate & Residential & Commerical Construction. Created a niche in Custom Construction & property Investment for himself and for others. Currently, owning four entities of business with a professional staff to provide Real Estate solutions. ARB Group works with individuals, investors, and B2B. ARB is considered as a trusted company which delivers high-quality services.